Scouts Awards

Find everything you need to work towards you Scouts top award and Challenge Badges.

This is the highest award a Scout can earn. To complete it, you need to complete all nine of the Challenge Awards, plus six Activity badges.

Challenge Awards

Challenge Awards are all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Try out something you wouldn't normally be interested in. Take the lead on something that scares you. Along the way, you'll unlock hidden talents and stand tall.

Other Awards

Membership Award

When you make your promise, you'll be given your Membership Award. It features a picture of the fleur de lis - an international symbol, worn by Scouts all over the world.

Joining In Awards are given to those who always roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. You can collect one for every year you're a Scout, starting from your very first day as a Beaver right up until your last meeting.

Leadership Stripes

Within their Troop, Scouts are part of a Patrol. A Patrol is a smaller group of Scouts, headed up by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. They're usually older Scouts who are chosen to take on leadership responsibilities, such as welcoming new people to the Troop or taking charge of a particular game or activity. Some Troops also have Senior Patrol Leaders who take on additional leadership opportunities.

They wear leadership stripes to celebrate their hard work and make sure everyone knows who they are.

Eventually, it'll be time to embrace your next adventure. Explorers awaits.

At Scouts, young people learn how to speak up and take the lead. That’s what the new YouShape Award is all about.

Here's where to sew on those Awards...

Here we solve the eternal mystery of where the Awards are sewn...